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Many Pontiac Fieros ended up being modified to the extremes, some of them being turned into replicas of exotic machines.

Not this example, though, which was kept in storage for nearly 30 years, and it was only driven from the dealer, in Kansas, to the owner's ranch, in Montana, when it was bought new, in 1988.

Its exterior condition speaks for itself, as the original yellow paint looks as good as ever, and so does the entire cabin, with its leather seats and sunroof, and its cause is backed up by the fact that it has 3,000 miles (4,828km) on the clock.

The seller is actually the owner's son, who says he doesn’t have access to this Pontiac Fiero and can only provide the images posted here, but claims that when he opened the door, some six weeks ago, it still smelled like a new car.

It was 2007 when its engine was started for the last time, for a few minutes, in the shop, and it apparently ran perfectly back then, so it should only need a steady hand to help it hit the road once more. What's more, the car has supposedly never encountered rain.

Despite being brand new and with the same owner ever since it left the assembly lines, the Pontiac Fiero has failed to attract any bidders at the time of writing. The ad posted on eBay shows a starting bid of $18,999, which isn’t exactly a bargain, so it appears that it could remain in the same climate controlled garage where it has spent the last 28 years.


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