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With the help of a Stage 2 tune courtesy of PP-Performance, this Porsche 911 Turbo S put up some great numbers during a 1/2 mile racing event in Germany.

The car attempted several runs, putting those 850 horses to work while sounding way more aggressive than your average 911 Turbo. Its best time of the day was 15.66 seconds at 286,73 km/h (178.16 mph), which is pretty darn impressive.

If you're curious what it could do over a 1/4 mile, know that PP-Performance already tested a less powerful 911 Turbo with 670 HP, and covered the distance in just 9.89 seconds.

Still, it's this 850 HP 911 that's the bigger beast. It actually put up a better time than the one achieved by that old Jemo Motorsports-tuned Audi with over 800 HP at its disposal. The Audi needed 19.65 seconds at 260,23 km/h (161.7 mph) to cover a standing 1/2 mile.

Not impressed? Not even a 1,300 HP GAD Motors twin turbo Lamborghini could break the 15-second 1/2 mile mark, needing 16.1 seconds. This Porsche's beginning to look real quick, isn't it?


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