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Ambulances Still Get Hit In Pre-Autonomous Present Day Traffic

While something like this is more likely to happen in countries where lots of people still drive old cars with no ABS, the problem is that humans remain prone to making mistakes.

In other words, accidents such as this one, which occurred last weekend in Novosibirsk, Russia, will continue to happen until human input is cocooned within a wide array of active safety technologies.

What's really unfortunate here is the involvement of the ambulance, which got flipped over, ending up on its side. Not only was the driver at fault speeding, he also failed to recognize or chose to ignore the fact that he didn't have the right of way - that's two strikes.

The only positive you can take away from this video is seeing all those people rushing in to help out the ambulance crew. If it was just a few bystanders and motorists, well, that would have been great too, but we counted over 15 in total.

Here's hoping the driver of the minivan was among those who came to help out. It would have been the least he could do after driving so irresponsibly.




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