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Some exotic automakers refuse to paint their cars pink. Others will gladly dress theirs up in whatever color the customer desires.

As you can see from this latest Bespoke commission, Rolls-Royce falls squarely in the latter category.

On display at the official showroom in Abu Dhabi is a two-tone Wraith in pink and white, with what looks like a pearlescent white lower body, Pepto-pink upper and matching coachline.

And it's not just the outside that's received the Barbie treatment, either. Inside it's all white leather and dashboard trim to match the exterior, with pink accents extending from the steering wheel, door panels, and seats to the starry-sky headliner.

It's not be our cup of rose-hip tea, and may not be yours either, but it's a more complete job than some of the other pink exotics we've seen (in the same country, for that matter). We just can't help but feel that a real-life Barbie doll would probably rather have the Dawn convertible.

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