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The Suzuki Celerio is currently one of the cheapest cars in Britain, priced from just £7,500 ($9,890), but is it any better compared to some of its more expensive rivals?

If you can leave its dull exterior and disappointing interior designs aside, or the fact that you should upgrade to the mid-spec that comes from roughly £9,000 ($11,865) to get air conditioning, then you might find a reliable companion in this tiny hatch.

CarWow believes that you should consider it when buying a new A-segment car, highlighting some of its strong points, such as legroom and headroom, decent-sized boot space, good visibility, and nice brakes and gearbox, combined with some other cool features detailed in their review.

The car does its job pretty well in urban areas, as it's easy to drive and park, but you will probably require some time to get used to the rather odd steering, as there's a delay between turning the wheel and getting the front wheels to go in the same direction.

The suspension is kind of on the firm side, and that could be a pain every once in a while, but despite being somewhat stiff, you won't be able to tackle corners at high speeds, because understeer is very much present. And because of its small engine, overtaking another vehicle on the motorway requires plenty of planning.

The Suzuki Celerio has a bigger problem than the Volkswagen Up!, Hyundai i10, or Kia Picanto, because it falls into the same price range as the Dacia Sandero, which is significantly larger, more practical, and better equipped. So, given that you could have the Romanian-made hatch from just under £6,000 ($7,910), is the Celerio really worth looking into?


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