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The glory days of the Shelby Cobra are well and truly over but designer Benjamin Hogan has decided to design a hypercar affixed with the iconic Cobra badge and nameplate.

Although there’s absolutely no chance such a vehicle will ever see the light of day, Hogan’s creation is incredibly eye-catching and bound to cure any hump day woes you may be experiencing.

The vehicle’s exterior design looks nothing like the original Cobra and instead resembles what we’d imagine would be the result of Lamborghini designers teaming up with those behind the Batmobile. As such, the exterior is dominated by sharp and aggressive panels, a raked windshield, sparse interior and a rear-end that looks more like a spaceship than a car.

Such a vehicle would have no hope of passing crash tests or pedestrian safety standards but the creation serves as an example of how crazy hypercars could look if auto designers weren’t restricted by regulations.


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