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Full-Size Nissan GT-R R/C Car Driven By A PlayStation Controller Laps Silverstone

Nissan has modified a GT-R into a huge remote-controlled car and sent it around the Silverstone with the help of professional racer and GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough.

The car was created to promote Gran Turismo Sport and saw the Nissan GT-R /C fitted with four individual robots that control the steering, transmission, brakes, and throttle. The unmodified PlayStation DualShock 4 controller was then connected to a micro-computer that interprets the controller inputs and transmits them to the car.

To lap one of the short circuits at Silverstone, Mardenborough jumped into the passenger seat of a helicopter and controlled the Japanese sports car from above.

The car ultimately completed a lap of 1:17.47, averaging 76 mph (122 km/h) and hitting a top speed of 131 mph (211 km/h).

Speaking about the PR stunt, Mardenborough said the demonstration showed how advanced gaming systems have become.

“This was once-in-a-lifetime, truly epic stuff. The GT-R /C has brought my two worlds together – the virtual of gaming and the reality of motorsport – in a way I never thought possible. The response from the car when using the controller was far more engaging than I thought it would be.”

Gran Turismo Sport will be released in the U.S. on October 17, in Europe and Australia on October 18, and in Japan on October 19.





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