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Liberty Walk-Tuned BMW M4 Wants Your Attention

Like it or not, the tuners at Liberty Walk are here to stay, with their bolt-on fenders, massaged bumpers, and ducklid spoilers being applied to a variety of vehicles, including the BMW M4 Coupe.

Pictured here is an example of the German sports coupe whose owner wanted to make it unique. Now, whether they succeeded is a good question, but this M4 will definitely turn many heads on the streets.

The exterior mods also include a set of Forgiatos TEC 2.2-R wheels, from the Tecnica Performance Series. The rims are available from 20- to 22-inch in size, and can be customized to each individual's specific taste.

Despite wearing an imposing body kit and touching the asphalt with new wheels, this BMW M4 remains stock beneath the skin, so its 3.0-liter twin-turbo gasoline engine continues to make 425hp (431PS) and 406lb-ft (550Nm) of torque.

The stock car needs 4.1sec to sprint from rest to 60mph (96km/h), when equipped with an automatic gearbox, and 0.2sec more for the manual model, but we don't know if carrying these aftermarket parts has affected this M4's performance.




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