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Matte Black Civic Type R Shows How Vinyl's Done Right

The beauty of wrapping a car in vinyl is in its simplicity. It's basically just a giant sticker, right? Only as with most things, there's an easy way to do it, and the right way to do it. And the guys at Premium Auto Styling do things the right way.

Just take a look at this Honda Civic Type R. The owner wasn't happy with the quality of the factory paint job and how it was wearing, so he brought it into Premium to have it wrapped.

The customer opted for a matte black finish, intriguingly removing the red pinstriping that's one of the Type R's distinguishing features. And though the car left the factory in gloss black, even the parts that were left that way were wrapped to match in order to protect the paint underneath.

The process took a painstaking two weeks to complete, extended by another week when the powder-coating shop commissioned to paint the wheels in matte bronze was backlogged. But the results look like they were worth the time and energy, at least as far as the customer is concerned. And he should know, considering that he runs an auto body shop.

Best of all (for us), the endeavor was meticulously documented on video and turned into this 20-minute clip, so check it out and see how a wrap is done right.




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