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One-Off 1966 Duesenberg Prototype Looking For A New (Wealthy) Owner

The one-off 1966 Duesenberg Model D is looking for a new home, all for the ‘measly’ price of $475,000 on Hemmings.

The debut of the concept came approximately 30 years after the luxurious automaker was forced to shut its doors after the Great Depression. It was meant to redefine levels of comfort and luxury and it’s believed that approximately 50 orders were taken.

Sadly, the financier behind the revived Duesenberg brand pulled his money out of the firm and apparently consoled himself by buying a number of racehorses. Just like that, the dream of Duesenberg making a return was cut short.

Just a single unit was produced with coachwork crafted by Carrozzeria Ghia in Italy and power sourced from a 440 cubic-inch V8 with 350 hp. The concept also includes cashmere, leather, rear seat gauges and magnesium.

Remarkably, the concept was displayed at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg museum for 30 years before moving to the Bortz Auto Collection and staying there for a further 15 years. Consequently, the Model D is in museum condition and has less than 500 miles on the odometer.




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