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Australians no longer have any high-performance Commodores to lust over but according to Wheels Magazine, will soon be able to purchase a Chevrolet Camaro directly from a Holden dealership.

It is believed that GM has been spurred on by the local success of the Ford Mustang and will bring left-hand drive Camaros to the Land Down Under. However, the muscle cars won’t be converted to right-hand drive in the U.S. and instead, that task will be left to HSV, Holden’s high-performance sub-brand.

Due to the costs involved in converting the Camaro, the car will cost significantly more than local right-hand drive Mustangs. In fact, it is reported that the V8-powered Camaro SS could cost upwards of $90,000 AUD, significantly more than the $57,490 starting price of the Mustang GT.

Despite the high price, Holden reportedly thinks it can land approximately 1,000 Camaro sales a year.


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