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A young woman is still recovering after surviving a horrific crash which saw an 18-wheeler run over her car in Brewton, Alabama.

The accident occurred last week and is without a doubt one of the scariest we've seen lately. The local girl's car was crushed underneath the wheels of the trailer, which had locked up under braking.

It definitely looks as though that semi was speeding, and possibly noticed the car ahead too late. The truck driver managed to change lanes in time so as to not impact the car directly, yet the trailer started sliding around at precisely the wrong moment.

NBC 15 News reports that the driver of the truck did return to the scene of the accident and the police have started investigating what happened.

As for the victim's family, they declined to speak out yet, although her father did reassure everybody that while she is in pain and very emotional, she is recovering from what happened.

Note: Some readers might find this footage disturbing


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