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What does it take for someone to rescue a flooded exotic car such as the Ferrari FF - a good selling price, plenty of cash, and the necessary know-how?

In the case of this particular example, listed on Copart, the former is not an option any more, as at the time of writing, the bid had already reached $59,500, and the seller's reserve was not met, so if it sells, it won't exactly be a bargain.

The vendor provides absolutely no details as to how this Ferrari FF ended up in an extremely wet situation, as the only things known are that it's located in Newburgh, New York, and that it has 7,367 miles (11,856km) on the clock.

It's also mentioned that it runs and drives, and its value is estimated at $238,920, but FFs offered for sale commonly change hands for $200,000, and that's without being affected by water.

So, despite looking like an easy flip, is this Ferrari FF worth saving, or should someone interested save their money for a different project?


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