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This Jaguar E-Type Hearse Is The Perfect Halloween Car

While the Jaguar E-Type Hearse from the cult classic “Harold and Maude” film might not be the most famous of movie cars, seeing one painstakingly recreated example sounds perfect for the day.

Despite the original movie car being destroyed, Ken Roberts decided to build his own homage but what’s impressive is the sheer quality of this morbid-toned project.

Clearly the build required some serious skills and lots of commitment to become a reality, using a 2+2 Coupe as a starting point and the roof of a certain Japanese classic, with Roberts never revealing which one. After an adventurous start, Ken Roberts finally found the right people for the job and complete this unique project car.

The fit and finish of the finalized E-Type Hearse is just mega, with tolerances being super tight as a testament to the craftsmanship of the people involved with this British breadvan-like E-Type.

Petrolicious features this rather different E-Type, which might not work as an actual hearse but you can’t deny it’s got plenty of style.




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