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This Ultima GTR Has 750HP And Mercury Boat Engine Tech

Although the Ultima GTR isn’t much more than a glorified kit car, it is one of the quickest vehicles on the market and can be equipped with a plethora of different engines depending on the customer’s wishes.

Ultima owners often opt for simple Corvette engines but the crew at Mercury Racing have instead decided to use their boat engine expertise to create what is surely one of the most potent Ultima’s registered for road use.

Sitting at the heart of the car is Mercury’s heavily modified LS7 crate engine. Typically, the company increases the powerplant’s capacity to 9.0-liters but for this application, it shrunk things down to ‘only’ 7-liters. All up, the naturally-aspirated monster delivers 750 hp at 7,000 rpm, more than enough to send the featherweight sports car into an entirely new dimension.




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