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Watch The Evolution Of The Mustang, Challenger And Corvette

Ever wondered about all the steps muscle car manufacturers had to take in order to bring their creations from past to present?

It's definitely been a long and fascinating road for the likes of Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet when it comes to either muscle, or pony cars, depending on how you feel about certain models.

While some cars were praised along the way, reaching cult status, others weren't as highly regarded, especially now, looking back at something like an early 80's Mustang.

Now, thanks to Cars Evolution, you can check out how the Corvette, the Challenger and the previously-mentioned 'Stang evolved across time in terms of design, powertrains, performance and price tags.

With the Mustang and the Corvette, the videos will depict a continuous evolution, spanning more than half a century. However the Challenger name wasn't revived until 2008 for its fourth generation, which means a gap of 25 years existed between the last and second-to-last generation cars.

Of course, most muscle car fans generally like to pretend the third-generation Challenger never even existed in the first place. The fact that we went from that thing to the Demon, is tremendous.




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