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If you've ever felt anxious about overtaking semis at high speed, knowing that it's not impossible for one to suddenly tip over should make you extra careful.

This incident was captured on dashcam in Pennsylvania, USA, where the wobbling of a semi truck kept a fellow motorist from overtaking it, which in the end was definitely the right call.

So while it may have looked like the fast lane was clear at first, even as the truck was sliding around on the tarmac, in the end you can see that the trailer spun around and ended up resting across the left and middle lane.

Here's what the driver with the dashcam had to say: "I was about to pass a truck driver, but he was wobbling so much that it wasn't very safe. Then right before the exit, he crashed. I called 911 right away and went outside to check on driver."

He also states that the person behind the wheel of the overturned semi managed to walk away with no injuries, and that when police finally arrived, they were given access to the dashcam footage in order piece everything together in their report.


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