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An Anthracite Wraith Is About As Understated As A Rolls-Royce Can Get

The craftsmen at Rolls-Royce have mastered a lot of skills, we're sure. But their real genius is in treading the line between elegant and outlandish.

With so much chrome and presence, few (if any) could really be considered “understated” by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. But compared to some that we've seen – even in the same showroom – this one's a relative sleeper.

On display at the dealership in Abu Dhabi is this Wraith, done up by the manufacturer's Bespoke division in a deep shade of Anthracite grey. The low-key paint scheme eschews the two-tone finish that so many of its kind have embraced, complimented only by a silver coachline.

The interior represents a similar exercise in restraint, done up in two shades of tan with matte-finish wood trim. It still has that starlight headliner, though – not to mention that big chrome hood ornament. It is a Rolls-Royce, after all.

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