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Dumb And Dumber BMW M3 Street-Racers Fail To Notice Cop Behind Them

We can understand not picking up an undercover cop in a beige Taurus, but a blacked out Explorer on your tail at a red light? Come on...

You'd think that spotting a large black SUV with a spotlight in your rear view mirror would be easy-peasy, and that it would stop you from doing something silly in your BMW M3.

Then again, if your attention is directed elsewhere, you're likely to get in trouble, just like the people driving this pair of BMW M3s, unaware of the Ford Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility trailing them.

Alas, these two German super-sedans still lined up at the light and began racing each other as soon as the "green" flashed. Hot on their heels, the police, pulling them over a little bit further up the road.

We couldn't help but notice that the BMWs didn't seem to be going all out, at least not directly off the line. It's probably why the Interceptor had no trouble keeping up as all three cars accelerated past the intersection.

Hopefully those drivers will think again before using a public road as their own personal drag strip, that is, if they still have their licenses.




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