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PSA Has Already Decided Which Brand To Bring To America, Might Not Be DS

Groupe PSA recently returned to the United States with its Free2Move mobility app but that's not much consolation for fans hoping to buy one of the company's vehicles.

Cars are coming but it might be awhile before they arrive. As PSA North America CEO Larry Dominique explained to Automobile Magazine, the company doesn't have a dealership network, infrastructure, or parts and service providers in this country. He added, "I have to build those things from the ground-up."

Dominique went on to say the situation is a blessing and a curse but he's going to make sure PSA is 100 percent ready before launching a car in America. He declined to say when this might occur but there's little doubt the company don't want to repeat Fiat's underwhelming return.

Despite not having a firm launch date, Dominique confirmed PSA has already decided which brand to bring to the United States. Initial speculation suggested it would be DS but the executive downplayed that idea by saying "people are just making assumptions." That doesn't necessarily mean it won't be DS but other possibilities include Peugeot or Citroen as well as the recently acquired Opel and Vauxhall. The three French brands are seen as the most likely candidates but only time will tell which one finally gets the green light.

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