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Watch Car Spontaneously Flip Over In Bizarre Accident

While these types of incidents might look mysterious at first, the culprit is almost always some type of cable or another type of obstruction that went unnoticed by the driver.

So no, there's no need to call Scooby Doo for this one, since the description of the video pretty much shuts down any wild theory that might have fired up the comments section.

Apparently, "a large construction vehicle had earlier damaged some power-lines. The vehicle that flipped must have somehow latched onto those downed power-lines to cause the flip."

Of course, from our angle, and because of the poor image quality, we really can't see any power lines, which just adds to the bizarre nature of the incident, which occurred in Moscow.

We also don't know anything about the status of the driver or any potential occupants, but we're hopeful injuries were kept at bay with the help of seat belts.




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