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Watch Lamborghini Covertly Building The New Urus

Lamborghini is in the process of an enormous shift. It's doubled the size of its factory and is rolling out its first crossover – a model that's expected to double its sales and manufacturing output.

We have yet to see the finalized production version of the Urus, revealed in concept form more than half a decade ago. But we've been getting bits and pieces, and this is our latest.

This video shows ostensibly showcases Lamborghini's production methods and the expansion of its home base in Sant'Agata Bolognese. But if you watch closely enough, you'll see that it's not the Huracan or Aventador that the line workers are assembling.

No, this one has two doors on each side and the engine up front. This, in other words, is the Urus.

It's still just bits and pieces, with the finished bodywork still to be revealed. But it's coming... and coming soon. In fact the Raging Bull marque has already confirmed the vehicle's debut for December 4, which is now less than a month away.




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