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You Can Now Get A Porsche 911 R For Under $400k; Is The Bubble Bursting?

In the months following the Porsche 911 R’s premiere at 2016’s Geneva Motor Show, prices for the limited-run sports car skyrocketed.

From the factory, U.S. customers had to part with at least $185,950 for the 911 R. In mid-to-late-2016 prices for used examples edged towards the $1 million mark. But, as many expected, such prices weren’t sustainable and it appears as though the bubble just might be starting to burst.

We recently stumbled upon two examples, including a beautiful black and red 2016 Porsche 911 R for sale in California from iLusso with an asking price of $428,900. While that’s still a huge premium over the sports car’s original sales price, it’s about 30 per cent less than some examples have traded hands for.

Beyond the paint finish, this 911 R will prove enticing to prospective buyers as it has just 140 miles (225 km) on the odometer, effectively making it brand new.

 Too pricey? Then how about the white and red example with only 80 miles on the odo from Porsche of South Shore in NY that's listed for $389,900? That's actually the cheapest out of the 10 models we found on Autotrader, with the most expensive listed at $479,991. Just this past July, out of the 3-4 911 Rs on the same site, the lowest asking price was $470,000.

One possible reason for slightly declining 911 R values is the launch of the 2018 Porsche 911 GT3, now available with a six-speed manual, a car apparently better than the R and roughly $40,000 less from new.

It remains to be seen where 911 R prices will settle in the coming two years but we wouldn’t be surprised to see values fall to the low or perhaps even under the $300,000 range. In 20 or 30 years, they may creep into the seven-figure mark, depending partly on how future collectors view the vehicle’s significance.




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