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A Ferrari F40 In British Racing Green? Well, Why Not? [w/Video]

What do you do if you’re a prolific car collector, have some spare money and aren’t worried about affecting the resale value of an iconic supercar you own? If you’re Eugenio Amos, you paint your Ferrari F40 in British Racing Green.

Images of the car were shared on the owner’s Instagram page and, to our surprise, the color, officially dubbed Verde Abetone, actually looks incredible on one of the most desirable Ferrari models ever produced.

To create such a unique car, the F40 spent roughly three months in an Italian paint shop undergoing its comprehensive transformation. To complement the new paint, the seats and headliner were also modified and covered in Cuoio Schedoni-colored alcantara.

Amos also owns a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion and more, so his green F40 should be right at home in a truly bonkers collection.



Verde Abetone. #AutomobiliAmos #Ferrari #F40 📷 @pietromartelletti grazie

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The infamous Verde Abetone. #AutomobiliAmos #Ferrari #F40

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Painted to perfection, the #AutomobiliAmos ‘ way! #craftmanship #Ferrai #F40 #VerdeAbetone

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One letter, 2 numbers. #AutomobiliAmos #Ferrari #F40 #VerdeAbetone

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