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A Singer Porsche 911 Is The Best Reason To Get Up Early In The Morning

Singer Vehicle Design is perhaps the most famous Porsche 911 builder in the world, after Porsche of course.

It feels like an over-simplification to say that the 911 Reimagined by Singer is a restomodded Porsche 964 but it is, only one that takes the term ‘resto-mod’ to a whole new level.

The new bodywork is designed to make it look like the older long-hood 911s, with almost every body panel made out of carbon fiber for less weight and a lower center of gravity. Then there’s the gorgeous interior, dressed with the finest materials, bucket seats and that weave-pattern trim pieces that fit perfectly with the 911 ethos.

The engine is still air cooled, of course, measuring 4.0 liters in capacity and producing close to 390hp. And because this is a Singer 911, the engine spins up to 7,200rpm and is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

These cars are also famous for their very steep price tags, with the average 911 Reimagined by Singer priced at $600k. This specific one is Matt Euson’s Indiana car, Singer’s 28th car ever built featured on Petrolicious’ latest film.

Euson likes to drive his very tastefully done Singer 911 with every opportunity and who can blame him. This right here might as well be the perfect sports car.




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