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Alpine A110 Is The Tail-Happy Renault You Were Looking For

The all-new Alpine A110 needs to be pretty darn good to compete against the sexy Alfa Romeo 4C, and the playful and complete Porsche Cayman.

However, it appears that it has all the right stuff to help it challenge both of its rivals, while making cars such as the Toyota 86 seem boring, in the right hands, as the video posted by L'Argus proves.

Shot on 'Circuit du Grand Sambuc', in Southern France, likely during the media test drive that occurred not long ago, it shows the mid-engined and rear-wheel drive French coupe drifting and power sliding for a couple of precious minutes.

The track conditions don’t seem ideal for a few fast laps, but with the traction control turned off, and with Track mode engaged, which adapts the engine, gearbox, steering, and exhaust note to their most extreme settings, the Alpine A110 became a tail-happy animal.

And it didn’t even use special tires during the exciting run, as the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S were more than capable of withstanding the lateral accelerations.

So, is this enough to make you consider buying an Alpine A110? Let us know what you think in the comments section.




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