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Dodge Viper Crashes Following A Cars and Coffee Event In Texas

Cars and Coffee might as well be renamed Crashes and Coffee at this point as yet another accident has occurred following an event.

The latest incident happened in Houston, Texas and surprisingly didn't involve a Ford Mustang. Instead, the victim was a Dodge Viper whose driver lost control under what appears to be moderate acceleration.

The end result isn't pretty as the poor muscle car slams into the curb and rotates a full 180°. This caused some serious damage to the car as front suspension apparently collapsed and there are paint scuffs on the front bumper and side skirt.

The car was quickly towed away from the scene and police arrived shortly thereafter and probably had a less than jovial discussion with the owner.

Needless to say, the urge to show off isn't worth it and has resulted in countless accidents which can sometimes injure bystanders. These accidents have also put pressure on event organizers and locations where the events take place.

It's also worth mentioning that the Dodge Viper went out of production over the summer as the model couldn't comply with federal safety regulations that require vehicles to be equipped with side curtain airbags.

H/T to Jalopnik




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