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Fire Risk Prompts One Last Maserati Recall For 2017

Maserati has issued another recall. This time it's relatively small in scope, but it's rather serious in nature.

The problem comes down to a fuel line that could leak gasoline onto the engine bay or the underside of the vehicle. And as you might imagine, that poses the very real risk of a fire breaking out, with potentially disastrous consequences.

The campaign announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration affects an estimated 1,406 examples of the 2018 Quattroporte and Ghibli in the United States, and another 86 in Canada – all of the units manufactured between July 24 and December 14 of this past year.

The manufacturer issued a stop-sale order for those vehicles affected on December 15, and is now followed up with a recall. The fix entails fitting new new fuel delivery lines in a process that's set to kick off on February 9, 2018. But until then, owners might consider leaving their vehicles parked.

This is the fifth Maserati recall we've reported on in 2017. In January the manufacturer announced the recall of all the Levante S crossovers it had sold in America up to that point. In February it issued two more recalls – one for the Quattroporte, Ghibli, and Levante, and another for just the sedans. And in March, it recalled the Levane again. Those are just the ones on which we reported in the United States. Here's hoping it won't have to issue many more in the new year ahead.

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