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Is A Maserati Levante Really Worth $20,000 More Than A BMW X5?

People looking for a stylish premium crossover with a posh badge can choose between many brands nowadays, one of them being Maserati.

The buy a Levante is the brand's first-ever SUV, and it's supposed to be sporty and at the same time elegant.

Doug DeMuro got hold of one and, well, let's just say that he had more than a few reservations. His biggest issue with the Levante is the price tag: the model shown here is a base-spec version, yet it costs almost $20,000 more than an entry-level BMW X5.

Inside, the Levante has a few quirks, such as its pyramid-style center console dials or the fact that there is no physical button for the heated seats - you have to access the main infotainment screen first.

On a positive note, he really did enjoy driving it around, saying that it not only sounds great for a V6, but the ride quality is good and the handling is very impressive, too.




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