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Is The Jaguar I-Pace A Worthy Tesla Model X Rival?

That's a pretty daring question to ask, considering that Jaguar's new electric crossover has not been unveiled yet, but everything about it sounds promising.

Starting with the elegant exterior, moving through the high-tech cabin that offers plenty of space for passengers, and ending with the driver assistance equipment, the Jaguar I-Pace seems to have plenty going for it.

Even the numbers look good: 0-100km/h (62mph) in about 4sec, and 400PS (394hp) and 700Nm (516lb-ft) of torque coming from the electric motors mounted on both axles, backed up by a 90kWh battery that's believed to allow it to cover some 500km (310 miles) between charges.

The sporty suspension may be on the stiff side, but the Jaguar I-Pace absorbs most bumps in the road comfortably, even when equipped with 22-inch wheels.

However, is that enough to worry Tesla and BMW's upcoming 'ix' range of fully electric SUVs after it debuts next March, at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show? Let's see what AutoExpress have to say in their shotgun review of a pre-production model, in sunny California, but we'll give you a hint: it's exciting.




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