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Tesla Model X Goes Sand Surfing In The Desert

The Middle East has a very different car culture, one that often includes high-speed drifting on public roads and the ever-popular dune bashing.

So how do you combine that with Tesla's Model X without ruining the electric crossover? Why, you take it on a milder sand-surfing adventure, of course, in Dubai's desert, in this case.

The video posted online shows the zero-emission crossover having fun in the sand, and even if it's not as extreme as those Qataris jumping over the dunes in their Toyotas, Nissans, and other SUVs, it's not like you see a Tesla Model X being taken out of its comfort zone every day, is it?

This film reminds us of yet another Tesla Model X, which was subjected to an off-roading adventure earlier this year, towing a small trailer packed with firewood behind it, and proving that grass and mud aren’t enough to scare it away.

We have the weirdest feeling that Teslas will be punished a lot in the future, once Elon Musk's company finally rolls out that electric pickup truck, which looks pretty much ready to tackle some challenging terrains in the teaser posted by the automaker.




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