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This Might Be The Cheapest Well-Maintained BMW M3 In The U.S.

Even though you might be able to score a BMW M3 for less, spending $3,000 on a solid, working E36 M3 Convertible sounds like a great deal if there are no surprises.

As you'd expect, the man behind this "project" is none other than Tyler Hoover, the same one who had his ML55 AMG stolen earlier this year, and who later bought an E65 7-Series for just $3,400.

So how great of a deal is this E36 M3 you ask? According to Hoover, the car is in tip top shape, doesn't make any weird noises, there's no 'Check Engine' light warning and the electric top works, which is always a bonus.

Furthermore, he was also impressed with the state of the front suspension, although the rear end felt a little "loose and wobbly". Still, the car sounds like plenty of fun, even if it does have an automatic transmission.

Also worth noting is that the M3 has 152,000 miles (244,620 km) on the clock, which can be a lot for this type of car, but since it drives well, looks well and sounds good, says its new owner, then perhaps that's all that matters for now.




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