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Fisker Drops New Image Of Upcoming EMotion EV

Fisker has dropped a new image of its upcoming EMotion electric sedan, set to premiere at CES 2018 next week.

The car manufacturer believes the EMotion will revolutionize the world of EVs and offer a range exceeding 400 miles (643 km). However, development of the sedan has been far from smooth and six months ago, Fisker lost its supplier for the graphene batteries it had intended to use, needing to switch to more traditional lithium-ion batteries.

In an effort to ensure owners can quickly recharge their EMotions on the move, just like Tesla owners, Fisker says it is talking with oil companies to install ‘Ultrachargers’ at gas stations throughout the United States.

This new image of the sedan reveals a previously-unknown feature about the EMotion. In place of traditional doors, Fisker has fitted butterfly front doors and reverse-butterfly doors at the rear, giving the car a unique look.

Elsewhere, this picture provides an additional look at the small headlights, silver and black wheels, and a dark red exterior scheme.




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