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Frankencar Alert: Chevy Camaro Puts On A Silverado Grille

By now, we're used to see all kinds of mods, but this one really caught us by surprise, as it concerns a third-gen Camaro that's been fitted with the grille of a Silverado.

Apparently, someone thought that he should ditch that pointy front end in favor of a chrome grille borrowed from Chevy's pickup truck, and so this weird... well, thing was born.

It's no surprise that we found this image on Reddit's popular Shi**y Car Mods thread, because that's where most controversial or downright horrible automotive modifications go to get mocked.

With this one, while we have definitely seen worse, it had us lost for words. Are we to assume the headlights are hidden behind the grille or that it doesn't have any at all?

Anyhow, as Frankecars go, this Camaro/Silverado conjunction just doesn't make any sense.



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