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Just Another Night In Russia: Man Steals Armored Personnel Carrier And Crushes A Daewoo

Smash and grab robberies aren't too uncommon but one is Russia is getting a lot of attention because the driver used an armored personnel carrier.

While APCs aren't exactly a dime a dozen, Reuters is reporting the vehicle was stolen from a motorsports training facility by a drunk man in his late 20's. After stealing the armored personnel carrier, the man reportedly drove the vehicle through a forest before arriving in the town of Apatity which isn't too far from the Finnish border.

Despite its remote location, the town is home to around 60,000 residents and has narrow streets which apparently proved pretty challenging for drunk in an APC. As a result, the man ended up crushing a Daewoo and slamming into the window of a convenience store.

Reports say the man then exited the vehicle and briefly looked at the damage. He then walked into the store, through the broken window, and apparently stole a bottle of wine.

The man was eventually arrested without incident and locals reportedly didn't seem too shocked by the events that occurred earlier today.




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