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Poop Emoji-Wrapped BMW 7-Series Is A Truly Sh#tty Car Mod

For whatever reason, the Smiling Poop emoji is one of the most popular available to smartphone users. For many, it has become an important way of conveying dissatisfaction. What a world we live in.

Eager to make the most of demand for everything related to the poop emoji from today’s younger generation, X Carwrapping recently adorned a BMW 740E with a wrap made up almost exclusively of dark brown poop emojis. Disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe this… thing.

The car was created for Mr. Polska, a popular rapper born in Poland. No surprises there: who other than a rapper would think about driving a BMW 7-Series covered in poop emojis in public?

In reality, it is likely that X Carwrapping completed this rather wacky transformation in a promotional bid. At the time of writing, the YouTube video detailing the wrapping process hadn’t garnered a huge number of views, but a picture of the 7-Series was posted to Reddit and has been ‘upvoted’ more than 5000 times.

At least Mr. Polska can use this outrageous wrap as an anti-theft tool. The BMW 7-Series is one of the most luxurious vehicles on the market and a prime target for brazen thieves. We can’t imagine any thief even thinking about stealing this poop-covered BMW. Of course they could always remove the wrap afterwards, but it’s very likely they’d be spotted by bystanders or security cameras before they got to their hiding place, which would make tracking them down easier, so why bother?
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