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InnovizPro Claims Its New LiDAR Sensor Is The Best, Will Debut At CES

Innoviz Technologies will be unveiling a new solid-state scanning LiDAR (laser radar) sensor during this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

According to the tech company, the InnovizPro will offer the "most accurate and reliable performance of any LiDAR sensor" available today, delivering groundbreaking 3D sensing at a much lower cost.

It boasts a detection range of 150 meters (492 feet) and a frame rate of 20 FPS to go with a high angular resolution and wide field of view. The result of this is a dense 3D point cloud with high accuracy, even at night, during bright sunlight, changing weather or when the vehicle is traveling at high speeds.

"InnovizPro provides immediate accessibility to our advanced LiDAR technology and marks a giant leap forward for the entire autonomous vehicle market," said the company's CEO and Co-Founder, Omer Keilaf. "We are addressing a major need for high-resolution scanning technology at lower cost, with no minimum order required. While we continue to work towards automotive-grade LiDAR with InnovizOne, our partners can order InnovizPro now in order to gain access to the most advanced LiDAR currently available."

Innoviz will integrate its LiDAR into the autonomous driving systems of market leaders and suppliers such as Aptiv (Delphi Automotive) and Magna International. After CES, the InnovizPro will be demoed at Automotive World Japan in Tokyo, January 17-19.





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