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Seller Takes To Craigslist To Peddle Honda Civic Type R For $50K


The Honda Civic Type R is supposed to be a performance car for the average enthusiast. Its wild looks may not be to everyone’s tastes, but its sub-$35,000 price tag is something every car enthusiast can get behind.  The thing is that low production figures and large demand make some owners who want to capitalize on this situation selling their Type Rs for crazy amounts of money.

For example, we found this ad for a 2017 Civic Type R with only 270 miles on the clock on Craigslist (via Reddit) . The vehicle is finished in the gorgeous shade of Agean Blue, and the seller, who’s located in San Antonio, is asking $49,900.

That’s not the highest price we’ve seen for a Type R, as that prize would have to go to the hot hatch with serial number 00001 that sold for $200,000 on Bring a Trailer last June. That auction, though, was for charity, so, we kind of understand the insane price. Also, last July, we found an example in Canada that was listed on Auto Trader for $82,000, which is just insane.

We don’t have to tell you that the Type R is outperformed and outclassed by a number of $50,000 machines. But this seller believes that the price is justified because people continuously tell him how nice his car is. You really can’t make this kind of stuff up. Here’s a blurb from the listing.

“I was in a parking lot, an admirer came up to me and we talked about the car, he hadn’t heard about the Type R and said it must have cost over $150,000. “When I told him what it cost, he was truly amazed.” The listing goes on to state, “A Valet attendant at a local restaurant told me he had just parked a Ferrari, a couple of Maserati’s and a Lamborghini that evening and the car he’d like to have is the Type R.”

Here’s a top tip, just because some “admirer” says that your car looks like it’s worth $150,000 doesn’t mean that it is. Heck, theType R isn’t even worth $50K: it’s worth $35,000 and this guy’s just trying to make a quick buck.

The real kicker, though, is that the seller won’t let anyone test drive the car, as the ad states that NO TEST DRIVES are offered! Sorry, but if you’re asking roughly $15,000 over MSRP, you might want to let people with the money to test drive the vehicle. Still, we’re sure someone will pay the hefty premium to get one of the best hot hatches on the market into their garage.

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