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Ferrari 812 Superfast Gets A Modest Upgrade By Wheelsandmore

Ferrari, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Tuning, Wheelsandmore
The Ferrari 812 Superfast is getting ready to blow one candle off its birthday cake, but in the meantime, Wheelsandmore has released various upgrades for the Italian coupe.

One of them is the new exhaust system, with valve flap controlled mufflers, an x-pipe, and 100-cell catalytic converters, which rises the output of the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 to 820PS (808hp) and 733Nm (541lb-ft) of torque.

That’s a modest upgrade for the engine, which already developed 800PS (789hp) and 718Nm (530lb-ft) of torque straight from the factory, but the tuner promises other mechanical components for the 812 Superfast, such as compressors and turbochargers, that’ll come in the future.

The company didn’t release performance figures, but the 2.9-second 0 to 100km/h (62mph) sprint time and 340km/h (211mph) top speed most likely remain the same – which is edging perilously close to hypercar territory.

The next upgrade, though, has nothing to do with power. It’s a lowering spring kit that brings the ride 30mm closer to the ground, while those looking for more can have the same parts and a hydraulic lift for the front axle.

Several wheel options are also available for the 812 Superfast. These include the 21-inch FIWE, 10×21- and 12×21-inch front and rear, wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires, which can be had from €12,597 ($15,662). The 10×21- and 12,5×22-inch rims, shod in 275/30 and 335/25, respectively, have an identical starting price, along with the Fork wheel set.

Two other wheel sets, from the 6Sporz range, 10×21- and 12×21-inch front and rear, or 10×21- and 12,5×22-inch, can also be specified to the Italian supercar, and these start from €10,840 ($13,477).
Ferrari, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Tuning, Wheelsandmore



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