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New Seat Arona Review Is Filled With Positive Notes

Under the guidance of the Volkswagen Group, Seat has come up with two SUVs, the Ateca and Arona, while a third one is currently under development.

But what exactly is the Arona? Well, it's basically a crossover version of the latest Ibiza, whose sole purpose is to challenge the ever-crowded subcompact segment that includes vehicles from most automakers.

At a first glance, the Seat Arona manages to get your attention, starting with its clean exterior design - though some might consider it dull, and the cabin that follows after the brand's latest vehicles, including the Ibiza, Leon, and Ateca.

Space in the rear is clearly superior to the supermini, and so is the boot capacity, while on the road, the vehicle is somewhat quiet, surprisingly comfortable, and handles nicely. AutoExpress went as far as stating that it rides better than the Ateca, but until more reviews come out, we'll take that observation with a grain of salt.

Depending on the selected grade, the Seat Arona comes with plenty of kit, while the engine lineup is quite generous too, as it includes various petrol and diesel units, mated to manual or DSG automatic transmissions.

So, has the Spanish automaker convinced you to spend at least £16,555 ($21,865) on the entry-level Arona, which is its starting price in the UK? Let us know in the comments.




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