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"Who said Love & Sex are a sin?" said Lapo Elkann in one of his Instagram posts, promoting the Fiat 500 'Kar_masutra' put together by his company, Garage Italia Customs.

What you're looking at are actually two different Fiat 500 models, depicting representations of Kama Sutra. Thankfully, the naughty parts are initially censored with black rectangles, however once the temperature rises, the thermochromic, heat-sensitive paint reveals what's underneath.

The interior of the cars is perhaps even more erotic than the exterior, with "special accessories" on-board such as the adult toy-shaped shifter or the fuzzy handcuffs hanging by the rear window.

As for those curtains, let's just say Garage Italia Customs didn't put them there to promote a luxurious interior ambiance.


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