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A car like this iM2 Concept might, according to its creator, bridge a gap within BMW's real-world lineup between the M2 and the i8, but its customers would be willing to sacrifice top speed for the sake of acceleration and fuel economy.

Thought up by David Olivares, this futuristic all-electric sports car is focused on offering its driver an enthusiastic experience behind the wheel - as long as they're not racing anybody over a long distance.

The iM2 Concept would also sacrifice luxury, top speed and range in order to achieve "great acceleration, balance and a competitive price", says Olivares.

Since this is an all-electric sports car, it doesn't need an upper grille out front, although it still comes with two panels that look like a kidney grille. Other features include the xDrive all-wheel drive system, short front and rear overhangs and 20" wheels.

All things considered, the concept sounds enticing. You would still need to abandon hope of defeating petrol-powered rivals over long distances, but sprinting to 60 mph or covering the quarter mile should be a breeze.


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