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Aston Martin DB11 Looks Divine In Deep Wine Red

Some sports cars and grand tourers look best in vivid colors – like bright red, for example. Others look better in deeper shades of green and blue. This Aston Martin DB11 lies somewhere in between, and in that rare territory, it looks rather stunning.

Contrary to most examples of the DB11 that we've seen to date in shades of silver, grey, and white, Aston Martin is showcasing this particular example of its new grand tourer in Divine Red.

It's one of the 38 colors in which the DB11 is offered – among them three shades of red, of which Divine is the darkest... and, we dare say, the most striking.

The deep shade of wine also melds rather nicely with the black roof, but those buyers fortunate enough can also choose to spec theirs with silver or body-colored strakes and a roof panel to match the rest of the bodywork. We'd be tempted towards the silver strakes, ourselves, but therein lies the beauty in ordering up one of these luxury GTs: the wealth of choices.

The model you see here is also decked out with a deep red leather interior, which might be one of our first choices to complement a different body color. To match, we're not so sure.

Of course the biggest decision may very well come down to the engine. The DB11 can be ordered with smooth-revving V12 or a lighter-weight V8 – both of them twin-turbocharged to make the most of their displacement and cylinder-count. We'd count ourselves lucky to get our hands on any version, though. But as long as we're all dreaming, which way would you order yours?

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