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Futuristic Jaguar Hypercar Works As A James Bond-Mobile

Since James Bond is no stranger to Jaguars, putting him next to a feline-badged hypercar does make sense, if only a little.

This latest iteration of Bond, played by Daniel Craig, has encountered Jaguars in all four of his movies. An XJ8 made a brief appearance in Casino Royale, an XJ12 popped up in Quantum of Solace, an XJ in Skyfall and of course the C-X75 in Spectre.

What we have here though is a completely different type of animal, so to speak. This rendering study by William Baude depicts a futuristic Jaguar hypercar, meant for the road as well as the race track.

Unlike the road version, which seems to have an active aero wing at the back, the track-car has a fixed rear wing, racing tires and an instantly recognizable livery. The taillight graphics are also quite interesting, as a futuristic representation of what we currently see on pretty much all Jaguar models, only the two light clusters don't actually meet in real life.

While this is certainly an interesting concept, we'd have to say it's not quite as practical as that Jaguar X design study we showed you back in July. Which one do you think looks best?




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