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Jaguar took the decision to pull the plug on the XK in 2014 due to poor sales, but it appears that the British marque is still interested in offering a new 2+2 GT.

Of course, nothing is official at this point, but the brand's design chief, Ian Callum, suggested to Autocar that the XK might be reborn together with the successor of the current F-Type.

The publication speculates that a new XK won't hit the market sooner than 2021, some two years after the second-gen F-Type arrives. However, if everything goes in the right direction, then the four-seater grand tourer should share the same platform with the next F-Type.

Under the hood, it's believed to get a new entry-level 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline burner, in addition to Jaguar's upcoming straight-six offered in various stages of tune that will replace the Ford-sourced V6. Moreover, 'R' and 'SVR' versions of the rumored XK are also in the cards.

Jaguar isn’t denying possible future partnerships when it comes to the development of upcoming vehicles, but if the XK gets revived, then it will be made internally, together with the next-gen F-Type.

"I had a few ideas about partnerships, but they didn’t happen. Partnerships are the answer, I think, but we will be doing our own thing with the F-Type", said Callum. "The F-Type was never meant to kill the XK", the designer said, adding that it was "always the plan" to offer both cars side by side.


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