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If Peugeot Made Flying Cars For The United Federation Of Planets, It Would Look Like This

Meet the Peugeot Skywalk hybrid concept, a half car, half flying machine that could very well exist in a very distant future.

Let's face it, nobody's going to be flying around anytime soon in their own private automobiles. In fact, if it ever does happen, it might take us more than a century to get there, since it would require brand new infrastructure, technologies, as well as a shift in global mentality.

Yet, this is by no means a new idea, and if the car is doing all the work autonomously (it would have to, otherwise we'd need pilot licenses), passengers could just sit back and relax during flight.

As for the design, it was brought to life by Arturo Olmedo. The car has a very aerodynamic appearance, especially once it shifts into "flight mode" and those wings spread out.

Now, since this is a Peugeot and we're talking about the future, we can think of at least one StarFleet captain that was born in France, on Earth, in the year 2305 (according to his Star Trek profile). Ever wondered what Jean-Luc Picard would drive?




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