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Practically Brand-New 1985 BMW 323i Will Cost You A Small Fortune

There’s an extremely low-mileage BMW E30 currently on sale in what looks like time-warp condition and oh boy does it look delicious.

The BMW E30 is a cherished, affordable classic with hordes of fans and seeing one in mint, showroom condition is always exciting.

This is a Euro-spec 1985 323i Coupe located in Belgium that somehow managed to cover just 260km (162 miles) in the last 37 years. Power comes from a 2.3-liter straight six with around 150hp, there’s a five-speed manual and a factory-fitted limited-slip differential.

Everything looks so much new, from the paint to the chrome bits and from the wheels to that immaculate interior with its beautiful unworn Recaro seats, that will certainly bring a tear or two to the E30 fanboys out there.

The catch is of course the asking price; the seller is asking for 69,900 euros which roughly equates to $82,000. That’s around the same BMW is asking today for a brand new 2017 M3, not to mention that with the same amount of money you could probably find an E30 M3 too.




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