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Tips On How To Spot A Flooded Car For Sale

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left behind not only human casualties and ruined properties, but also hundreds of thousands of flooded vehicles.

It's estimated that 650,000 cars were damaged by the floods in Texas and Florida, some more than others, and it's not uncommon for some of these rides to end up on the used car market with absolutely no reference of water damage.

So, given that a quick flip means easy money in a seller's pockets, besides the usual routine check when buying a used car, customers also have to try and see if the vehicle that they're about to drive off the lot had been affected by the floods, but do you know what to keep an eye out for?

There are some tutorials online that could give a helping hand, and one of them was released by ConsumerReports. Now, what's interesting about this video is that you don't need any car knowledge to follow the steps.

Still, you may want to a pay a visit to the mechanic for a more thorough inspection, which could cost you approximately $100, but that would be money well spent, given that the repair bill for a flooded car could reach thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the brand.




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