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CR Rates Car Brands By Owner Satisfaction, Tesla Tops List, Nissan, Acura Come Last

Since car ownership can have its ups and downs, data supplied by Consumer Reports' annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can help future buyers make smarter decisions.

So how are things this year? Compared to 2016, the top two remains unchanged, with Tesla and Porsche as the clear cut winner and runner-up duo. However, where last year Audi, Subaru and Toyota rounded out the top 5, this year the order is Genesis, Chrysler (which climbed 4 spots) and Audi.

An interesting shift, but as the old saying goes, the people have spoken - and did so in numbers.

In order to piece together this year's rankings, CR collected data on more than half a million vehicles, while taking into account whether or not an owner says they would buy the same car again. Respondents were also asked to rate their cars by driving experience, comfort, value, styling, audio and climate systems.

Worth noting is that Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Smart and Fiat weren't included in the chart, because of insufficient data. Last year, Fiat was ranked dead last.