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Watch Armed Carjackers Take Brazilian Football Player Jefferson's Range Rover Evoque

Brazil's international goalkeeper Jefferson de Oliveira Galvao was forced out of his Range Rover last week, at gunpoint, in Rio de Janeiro.

The 34-year old athlete was on his way to training at Botafogo, on Sunday morning, when an old car pulled up in front of him, from which armed men jumped out.

One of the carjackers immediately pointed the handgun towards the driver's seat, while a second one can be seen running at the back of the Range Rover. The incident was captured on CCTV, and shows Jefferson being forced out of his vehicle, kneeling with his hands in the air, while the three thugs make a run for it, in his SUV.

Quoting local media, TheSun reports that the Range Rover Evoque was found later that day, during a raid, but it's unknown whether the carjackers are behind bars.

"I've sadly become another victim of the violence that ravages our city. I was on my way to training with Botafogo, when I was overpowered by armed men, who intended to steal my car and my belongings", Jefferson wrote on social media not long after the incident. "God gave me the calmness to deal with the dangerous situation, and thanks to Him I did not suffer any violence."




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